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Product Description


Noène is a high-tech vibro-absorbent elastomer made from a unique composition of crystalline rubber micro cells. Formulated to a patented design it gives properties vastly different to normal rubber.

So effective is the composition that for most runners just 2mm thick will damp 94-98% of shock forces imparted from ground contact.

  • Ultra Lightweight (lightest available).
  • Low Profile.
  • No need to buy a bigger shoe.
  • Can be used with orthoses, spikes and racing shoes.
  • Does not diminish feel of ground contact or orthotic support.
  • Excellent cushioning (Elasticity).
  • Unparalleled energy dispersion (Shock attenuation or damping).
  • Amazing durability - far outlasts any comparable product.
  • Remains stable even when wet.
  • Absorbent Cambrelle lining (Absorbs twice it's weight).
  • Anti-bacterial Amicor treatment of the lining.
  • Competitive prices (All these advantages & no more to pay!)

This insole is made entirely of the ultra-thin Noene material, only 2mm thick!

Suited for all sports and activities for users under 95kg (4mm thickness is better for heavier weights).

  • Ideal for walking, running, footbal, rugby, hockey, tennis and all indoor sports.
  • Suit any shoe type.
  • Care: hand wash with mild soap.
  • Place the inner sole over (or if it is removable) under the original inner sole - the logo facing up.
  • 2 year life expectancy.

Why Noene?

With every step, an athlete creates a shockwave that is more than 4 times greater than impact energy (an athlete weighing 70 kg creates 280kg/wave with each step) Thanks to their unique composition, Noene inner soles effectively absorb up to 98.8% of these shocks and vibrations to protect your back, tendons and joints during sports and/or leisure activities on hard surfaces.

Noene is known for being thin and lightweight, and athletes appreciate that it maintains the sensation of floor contact, without causing biomechanical instability during running, unlike other soles that are too thick, too soft or too viscous.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Noene® Insoles
Brand Noene